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Flag of China Democracy Party Symbolize the Ideal and the Seeking of China Democracy Party

1. The meaning of eight stars on the flag of CDP : China Democracy Party consists of the every level common peoples; CDP will struggle for the benifits of the every level common peoples.

2. The meaning of the even eight stars on the flag of CDP: the Goal of CDP is that the fairness and freedom will be realized in China; the political noyion is that the fairness, justice and the country belong to the public.

3. The meaning of the sun around by eight stars on the flag of CDP: the democratic and constitutional system will be set up in China by the supporting of the every level common peoples; the sun is even seperated by the red, yellow and blue there-color, the meaning is that CDP advocate to set up the political system of the three powers were seperated.

4. The meaning of the read and blue base color on the flag of CDP: CDP advocate that the way of the two parties in turn should be gone in China, and guarantee the civil society is set up in China, at same time, the multi-element society will be developing in China. CDP advocate to change government by the peace way and the gradual way, at same time, we recognize that people have right to change the autocratic government by the force way.

It was revised on Mar.1,2000, and it was revised on Jun. 1, 2009.



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