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The Political Principle of China Democracy Party

1. Land should be privatized, and the farmland should be returned to peasants.

2. All Chinese citizens should have the right and freedom to choose places to move to and reside in nation-wide.

3. The governmental structure should be simplified to central,provincial and county levels; the central government is responsible for the national defense and diplomacies, provinces practice high autonomy, and villages and towns practice citizen autonomy as follows.

4. All Chinese citizens, including peasants, workers and all other classes, are entitled to social welfares like Medicare, unemployment compensation, pension and social security.

5.All Chinese citizens should have the equal opportunities of being educated, choosing occupations and personal careers.

6. Freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom of forming organizations and assemblies, freedom of political beliefs and freedom of faith and practicing religions should be respected and therefore protected by laws.

7.Establish a constitutional government and democratic institutions balanced by different authorities; all levels of governments and legislatures are produced through direct elections.

8.Establish a neutral government, independent legislature and judiciary system, and nationalized military forces.

9.Practice capital's privatization, market economy and free competitions.

10.Constitution and laws have a privilege of supremacy; human rights and private properties are sacred and inviolable.

11.Rely on the democratic monitoring mechanism to supervise the government and prevent corruptions.

12.Peasants and workers should have the right to establish independent farmer associations and trade unions to secure their interests; equally, other stratums have the right to organize independent associations to secure their interests.

13.With the efforts of ending the autarchy, we also pursue a goal of win-win situation with the CCP's reformists.

14.Make China a wealthy, fair, free and democratic country governed by law and order.

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