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Religious Principle of China Democracy Party

1. CDP advocate that all Chinese have right to choice freely any religious belief.

2. CDP advocate that all Chinese have right to attend any religious activities.

3. CDP advocate that all Chinese have right to set up and join any religious organizations.

4. CDP advocate that any religious organizations and individual must take activities under the constitution and the laws.

5. CDP oppose that any religious organizations and individual are engaged in the violence and terror by the religious name.

6. CDP try to impel that the Christian Religion, the Catholicism, the Buddhism, the Taoism and the Islamism will be tolerant in China, and China will be a harmonious society.

7. CDP oppose that the government and the political organizations restrict the religious freedom, and persecute the religious persons by the political power. 八、中国民主党主张以宗教信仰为基础,重建中国的道德社会。
8. CDP advocate that the religion will become the belief’s base, to reset up the morality’s society.

It was formulated on Apr.1,2006, and it was revised on Jan.1, 2009

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